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Enlightened Living Ministries

Working Together to Strengthen the Family Bond

Enlightened Living 4 You capitalizes on the mission of Enlightened Teaching 4 You. We work to guide individuals and couples to strenghtened their family bond. We do this through our life coaching services. We work with the individual, couple, or a combination of the two.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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Life Coaching: "You, Me, & We - Together We Make a Family"

"You Me, & We - Together We Make a Family" Life Coaching Sessions are designed to strenghtened the family bond. Coaching sessions are flexible to accommodate working individuals and couples. Use the "Contact" button to help us tailor your sessions to fit your lifestyle.


Our Mission

To Inspire a Closer Relationship with God

Our mission is to inspire people to elevate their relationship with God by helping to heal emotional and spiritual wounds and improving the self. 

We fulfill our mission by sharing wisdoms that span the ages, offering classes that educate the mind and build the self, and continuing the work of Jesus the Christ.

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