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Unsung Heroes Series: Rock Hill, South Carolina's

In 2005 when I began working on my doctorate degree, I wanted to discover the answer to two pressing questions – “Why do some societies or civilizations fail while others succeed?” and “How does culture effect and affect intelligence?” I never completed my doctorate degree; however, I am continuing to discover the answer to both questions. I now realize that it would take much longer than a doctorate program to fully understand the complexities that answer both questions.

Today begins the “2019 Unsung Heroes Series” presented to you by Joyce C. Cooper, Enlightened Teaching 4 You, and YAMHA – Young Adult Mental Health Alliance. One of the resources I used to help answer the question, “Why do some societies or civilizations fail while others succeed?” was a book entitled The “Good Town” Does Well: Rock Hill, SC 1852-2002 by Lynn Willoughby. In addition to this resource, I read books by authors who wrote about the histories of many cities and towns in the Carolinas and Georgia. I studied several of Rock Hill’s Strategic Plans and compared them to those of other cities and towns I read about. One thing that resonated in my mind was the fact that Rock Hill always seemed to have a vision for itself that evolved with the changing times.

Our first “Unsung Heroes” Recognition goes to the City of Rock Hill, South Carolina’s Founders & Visionaries, past and present. Rock Hill is a city steeped in progress with a motto, “No Room for Racism” that continuously grows by inventing and reinventing itself with the changing times. To everyone citizen who has worked and continue to work to get Rock Hill national recognition and bring international events to its soil, please accept this recognition for all you have done and continue to do to make this wholesome city a magnificent place to live.

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