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Getting Ready to Return to the Classroom: 5 Things to Practice in Your Morning Routine

Teaching is the most honorable profession anyone could choose. Working to cultivate and develop the minds of our future innovators, inventors, nurses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, chefs, custodians, transporters, etc. require educators to go into the depths of their beings to motivate students to reach self-actualization. To be successful in this feat, educators must first take care of themselves. Practicing a morning routine to get spiritually empowered to work with our youth is essential for our mental health and stamina. Now is the time to develop a morning routine to equip yourself for the task.

#1 - Begin each morning clearing and balancing your Chakras. Clearing and balancing your Chakras guarantee a day being in commune with the divine. This allows us to have our thoughts, words, and auctions come from a wisdom versus emotion.

#2 - Conduct a self-examination to get clarity on subconscious feelings about your job assignment. Be honest with yourself about your true feelings. Only through honesty can you gain understanding and acceptance. Once you have accepted your true feelings, give thanks to the universe for the opportunity to grow into a better version of yourself. Only through gratitude will you be able to advance yourself.

#3 - Scan your subconscious mind to recall any negative feelings you had as a child associated with school. Acknowledge any unpleasant thoughts or emotions then release them to the universal mind for healing and transmutation. Releasing negative thoughts and emotions increases your vibrational frequently and prohibits your students from suffering from your past.

#4 - Envision yourself and your students in your ideal work situation. Hear yourself saying the right words of encouragement, giving guidance in situation that might be counterproductive in society, and administering assignments for student growth and success. Give thanks to the universe for making this happen for you.

#5 - Recite a prayer, mantra, or affirmation that will be repeated several times throughout the day. This will guarantee right thoughts, minds, and actions to enhance the growth of your students and yourself.

Remember, you are working in your calling. The universe has aligned your world to deliver you the talents and gifts you need to fulfill the duties of the greatest profession in the world. God Bless & Namaste!

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