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Live Seminars and Webinars

Live Seminars and Webinars

Brought to you by Enlightened Living 4 You an Enlightened Teaching 4 You subsidiary

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"Elevating to the Person You Believe You Are and Will Be"

In this program, you will examine the 4 areas of your life that need to be transformed. You will replace habits that hold you back from going to the next level in the workforce and in your personal life. Students will be paired with a coach and/or mentor to help them improve the skills that are needed for long-term employment.


Webinar: Elevating to the Person You Believe You Are

This webinar is designed to help individuals elevate in four areas of their lives. Attendees will set goals and objectives to obtain those goals with the guidance of a life coach. The webinar series is eight one hour sessions with opportunities for attendees to ask questions between each session. This is a Joyce Cooper Signature Personal Development program.

Free Webinar

Is student engagement a challenge for you? Let Enlightened Teaching introduce to you the 3 barriers that prevent students from focusing in the classroom. You will also explore ways to unlock those barriers to capture students and increase student engagement. Click on the link to learn more. 

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