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Places I Have Been

 Conference & Symposium Presentations

  • 2018 Southeastern Symposium on Mental Health, Greenville, SC

    • Podium Presentation "Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences Through Mindful Teaching to Maximize Student Achievement"​

    • Poster Presentation "Helping Adolescents Manage Anxiety and Depression by Increasing Their Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills"

  • 2018 Georgia Middle School Association Conference, Valdosta, GA                                             Podium Presentation "Mindful Teaching to Increase Student Achievement"

  • 2017 SREB High School that Work Conference, Nashville, TN -Podium & Tabletop Presentations "Enlightened Teaching: Meeting the Needs of Students"

  • 2017 Reaching the Wounded Student Conference, Orlando, FL Podium Presentations

    •  "Mindful Teaching to Reach the Wounded Student" 

    • "Enlightened Teaching 4 You"

Author Appearances

Enlightened Teaching: Elevating Through Maslow's Hierarchy of Neeeds

High School Stories: Life Interrupted

Places I Will Be

Upcoming Author Appearances

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