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Enlightened Teaching: Elevating Through Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Helping Students Increase Academic Achievement
and Reach Self-Actualization

Visit your local bookstores to purchase the book and meet the author:

The BooKnack 

742 N. Anderson Road

Rock Hill, SC 29730

Park Road Books

4139 Park Road

Charlotte, NC 28209

Hub City Bookshop

186 West Main Street

Spartanburg, SC 29306

Also Available in and on


Barnes and Noble


High School Stories: Life Interrupted 

The summer after their junior year began the same as the summer before their junior year – GUN VIOLENCE! Every time they feel they are getting a grip on life, something happens that interrupts their stability and threatens their mental health.

Stockard lives with and manages anxiety and depression. However, her mental health is just one of the many challenges she deals with during her junior year in high school. Learning to open herself to all life has to offer only adds to her anxiety and depression.

Chris, Eastridge High School’s star cornerback, has learned to mask the many secrets he carries as a football player. The stress of trying to maintain his image, however, becomes too much to bear. How will he navigate his life through his junior year to secure the college scholarship he has always dreamed of?

As Stockard and Chris try to manage their lives as typical high school juniors, their lives are constantly interrupted by events that make them question their identities and want to give up on life.

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